In today’s fast-paced business world, controlling costs is a top priority for organizations of all sizes. One area that often goes overlooked but can significantly impact the bottom line is IT network services costs. We recently had the opportunity to chat with one of our past clients who shared his three New Year’s resolutions for effectively managing and controlling these expenses. Let’s dive into his insights and learn how to be diligent, timely, and consistent in the quest to optimize IT network services costs.


Resolution 1: Be Diligent

Our client’s first resolution is a simple yet powerful one: be diligent. When the phone bills come in, he won’t just rubber-stamp them for approval. Instead, he’s committed to taking the time to thoroughly review them. This may seem like common sense, but in the rush of day-to-day operations, many organizations often overlook this critical step.

The importance of this resolution lies in the fact that billing errors and overcharges can easily slip through the cracks if not scrutinized carefully. By dedicating time to review each bill with a keen eye, our client ensures that no erroneous charges go unnoticed. This diligence not only prevents unnecessary expenses but also fosters a culture of accountability within the organization.


Resolution 2: Be Timely

Our client’s second resolution revolves around the timing of disputing charges with the phone company. He learned the hard way that charges must be disputed within three to six months. Waiting too long can result in lost opportunities to recoup the money paid in error.

The lesson here is clear: be timely in addressing billing discrepancies. Our client’s experience serves as a valuable reminder that time is of the essence when it comes to managing IT network services costs. By vowing to question charges right away, he ensures that any issues are addressed promptly, maximizing the chances of successful dispute resolution.


Resolution 3: Be Consistent

The final resolution our client shared is all about consistency. He will no longer consider a phone bill audit to be a one-and-done project. Billing errors can crop up regularly, and by staying on top of the bills consistently, he has paid out less money in error over time.

This resolution emphasizes the importance of ongoing vigilance in managing IT network services costs. Rather than viewing cost optimization as a sporadic effort, our client understands that it’s an ongoing process. By consistently monitoring bills and looking for discrepancies, he prevents errors from accumulating and becoming major financial burdens.


The Impact of These Resolutions

Our client’s three New Year’s resolutions may seem straightforward, but their impact on an organization’s bottom line is substantial. By being diligent, timely, and consistent in the management of IT network services costs, organizations can achieve several key benefits:

Cost Savings: Thorough bill reviews and timely dispute resolutions result in immediate cost savings. Money that would have been paid in error can now be directed towards more critical business activities.

Improved Financial Health: Consistency in monitoring and managing expenses contributes to improved financial health. It ensures that IT network services costs remain in check, allowing organizations to allocate resources effectively.

Enhanced Accountability: These resolutions foster a culture of accountability within the organization. Team members become more aware of the importance of cost control and actively participate in the process.

Long-Term Sustainability: By adopting these resolutions as part of their ongoing practices, organizations set themselves up for long-term sustainability. They are better equipped to adapt to changing business needs while maintaining cost efficiency.


In conclusion, our client’s three New Year’s resolutions provide a clear roadmap for organizations looking to control IT network services costs effectively. Being diligent, timely, and consistent in this endeavor can lead to significant financial benefits and ensure that clients do not pay more than necessary for IT services. As we embrace a new year, let’s take inspiration from these resolutions and make 2023 a year of cost-consciousness and financial success in the world of IT network services.


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