Real Results

“saved Houston Methodist $28,000 per month”

Ed Tyrrell, SV Finance

“They cut our telecom costs by 2/3rds per month.”

-Mitchell Watson, Chief Financial Officer

“In 30 months Enloe received back on their phone services $1.4 million”

-Jim Hauenstein, MBA, BA, Former CIO

“found us $40,000 per month in savings from recovered overcharges. In addition, they got us a refund of $82,000”

-Daniel Baker, Director IT,

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Expertise and Depth of Knowledge

“has expert knowledge about telecom taxation and regulations.”

-Jim McManus, CFO

“has superb knowledge of telecommunications billing nuances including taxes, fees/pricing structure and workflow/business strategies”

-Mitchell Watson, Chief Financial Officer

“find charges made in error: Double charges, incorrect USOC charges, “billing fragments”, missed disconnects, discrepancies in billed vs tariff (non-contract) rates.”

-Jim Hauenstein, MBA, BA, Former CIO

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A Liberating Partnership

“saved our staff time and relieved the difficult burden of getting refunds from the telecom carriers.”

-Ed Tyrrell, SV Finance

“works in the background to find us money!”

-Jim McManus, CFO

“save us time and headaches.” “working behind the scenes and with vendors directly.”

-Michael Aubry, Director of Technical Services

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True Tenacity

“courteous, flexible, unfailingly professional, and most importantly, downright tenacious”

-Albert Suh, Business Systems Manager

“outstanding advocates for their customers”

-John Jay Kenagy, PhD, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

“persistent when pursuing claims with the carriers”

-Marti Seitz,IS Asset Management Supervisor

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Strong Character

“a pleasure to work with”

-Mitchell Watson, Chief Financial Officer

“conducted themselves in a professional manner demonstrating the utmost of integrity”

-Matthew LaVallee, Chief Financial Officer

“very professional and cooperative.”

-Christine Bui, Former Assistant Controller

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Our valued clients include

College Hospital

Enloe Medical Center

Legacy Health

Kaweah Delta Healthcare District

St. Joseph Health – Mission Hospital

Providence Health & Services

Saint John’s Santa Monica CA

Tenet Emanuel Medical Center

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