Cell phones are absolutely essential for businesses in today’s world. But they are also one of the most common sources of OVERCHARGE faced by companies. The good news is you really can reduce cell phone costs in your organization.  And you can do it fast. 

Here’s how:


Your plan needs to be the right fit for your company. Cell phone pricing models and contractual arrangements can be confusing; you must have a competitive deal. You can talk to your vendor about ways to re-tool your contract so it reflects the adaption to a fast-paced mobile world. 


Make sure there are human resources focused on this task. It might seem laborious, but checking your monthly spending in a thorough manner is the best way to avoid surprise surcharges and double billings. It also points to eventual anomalies or unused lines.


Setting policy around cell phone usage is critical. Smart usage is really a team effort. You prevent misunderstandings when employees sign a policy for their employment contract to be valid.


Have you ever had problems with corporate cell phone bills? Let us know how we can help you do cost control!