Some people see a telecom audit as a one-and-done event.

At Overcharge Recovery Group we believe you benefit the most from an ongoing bill review. Why? because each time we review your bills, we find new billing errors.  This means new opportunities to save you money.

If we can catch the mistakes earlier, you spend less money AND lower the risk that you won’t be able to get your money back. 

Most people would rather not pay for an error upfront, then have to try to get the money back. You have a 6 month window in which to dispute errors. After 6 months, if you have not filed any disputes, the Phone Company assumes you accept what is billed. You lose your right to dispute a charge which was billed more than 6 months previously

What this means to you is this: You have to stay on top of your phone bills.  Most organizations just rubber-stamp the bills without reviewing – and the money they have paid in error goes down the drain.  

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