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Telecom services and pricing

Telecom services and pricing are in a state of perpetual change, but one thing remains constant – organizations are overpaying.

Changes occurring in telecom services and pricing include:

  • Organizations are purchasing more services than in the past to meet current and future requirements.

  • Organizations are migrating to newer technology and adding services.

  • Carriers are dramatically increasing the prices of “legacy services” to encourage migration to newer technology.

The conventional wisdom about telecom service costs is that as newer network technologies decrease the carriers’ costs, they can offer better, faster, and cheaper services to customers. But the reality is that virtually every organization is paying more than they should for telecom services.

Experts estimate 10% of telecom spend is unnecessary

Over a decade ago Gartner Group, Inc. the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, estimated 10% of IT service spend is unnecessary. As telecom services have become more complex, this percentage is sure to have increased. Our work in telecom expense audits over the past decade supports that assumption. We have examined thousands of invoices over the years, and we have never found an organization which is not overpaying for carrier services. This can add up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

The best kept secret way to stop overpaying

How can organizations fight the increasing costs and prevent overpaying? One of the easiest ways is to have an expert in telecom taxation and carrier contracts conduct a thorough audit of charges. Why hire an expert to do your audit? Carrier contracts and the associated tariffs, taxes and fees can be complicated, and it is often unclear which expenses are unnecessary.

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