A telecom audit is the most assured way to SPOT BILLING ERRORS and to STOP OVERCHARGE for technology services in your business. 

Here are key moments to bring in a third-party consultant for an expense review and inventory update:

  1. AFTER CLOSING A SITE: many organizations learn that they are paying for services that should have been disconnected years ago.
  2. FACING REGULATORY CHARGES: there are regulatory fees that vary by state and service provider representatives are not usually aware of how to bill them appropriately.
  3. MOVING TO CLOUD-BASED SERVICES: an expense review is key to tracking whether anticipated savings are being realized.
  4. TRANSFORMING NETWORK TECHNOLOGY: billing must be reviewed by someone with experience interpreting the complex and confusing terminology on the charges.
  5. CHANGING DATA CENTER PROVIDER: a communication expense management consultant can suggest newer technological ways to deal with problems.

Find a telecom expense management expert to help you and your firm strengthen your budgets by avoiding unnecessary phone charges.