Your Organization’s Phone Bills are one of the most overlooked areas for potential savings, and the reason is quite simple — many managers just don’t know there’s room for any.

One mind-blowing realization for those in the telecom expense management industry is that over 80% of business phone bills contain errors.

Carriers often get away with these errors because these bills tend to be too complex for the untrained eye, which makes overcharges and other mistakes seemingly impossible to spot.

An AT&T dispute settled in May 2021 is a perfect example of such occurrences. The telco giant agreed to pay $1.5 million for overcharging the District of Columbia government by “millions of dollars,” even though it did not formally admit to any wrongdoing in the settlement.

DC Attorney General Karl Racine said in its lawsuit filed in District of Columbia Superior Court in February earlier that year that “AT&T concealed its overbilling, and the District’s subsequent overpayments, with billing practices rife with errors, unapplied credits, billing overages and reports that did not meet the rate optimization standards of the contract.” Read further HERE

The AT&T overcharge could be your story too. When your organization does a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s Phone Bills, you will learn exactly how you have been overcharged. You will find thousands or millions of dollars which have been wasted, and recover that money so you can apply it to new technology initatives.

Luckily, there are now company expense management companies which have the expertise and resources to ensure businesses are not wrongly charged for services. You can schedule a phone bill audit that will identify errors in your telecom invoices, assess whether your contracts are sound and should be renewed, and determine what phone services serve your best interest.

At Overcharge Recovery Group, we focus on cost control. We take pride in freeing companies from unnecessary and hidden charges imposed by telecom providers that lead to thousands, if not millions, of dollars in wasted money. Click here to request a no obligation, preliminary assessment.