During these challenging economic times, all organizations — big and small — must carefully watch how every dollar is spent.

Times have been tough. Technology budgets are severely constrained. There are many competing critical priorities and not enough resources. The result: trying to do "more with less" which can often feel impossible. So what now?

Telecom billing errors add up. Add them back to your budget.

Significant refunds and savings are often hidden in your telecommunications bills — long distance, local, data, wireless and associated taxes. Carrier bills are notoriously inaccurate due to continuous consolidations in carrier billing systems. A contingency telecom audit can be very effective in bringing refund and savings opportunities to light. Refunds from a telecom audit can return money directly to your budget to help fund critical projects. An audit requires little to no resources and no risk to you. No downside, only upside!

What do the
experts say?

"Enterprises that are not auditing their telecommunications invoices are forfeiting an extra 10% or more of their network services spending to the network services providers (NSPs). Historical audits recover overpayment, identify stranded assets and increase budget efficiency."

— Gartner
"Historical Telecom Audit is Still a Valuable Function," July 10, 2008

What are
our results?


returned to large Northwest-based Health System


uncovered for a large LA system-based non-profit hospital.


returned to a division of LA County

Refunds and savings identified in:

  • Taxes billed at incorrect rates
  • Contract non-compliance
  • Exorbitant billed-vs-tariff errors